Author Interview with… Myself!

Why do you write? And when did this decision happen?

At my core I’ve always been a creative person one way or another, well except for singing as I can’t hold a note to save my life. But two things have interested me through out my life – art and writing. I have drawn all my life, and I still do it frequently. As for writing, I got told by a librarian once that with the amount of reading I did as a child that one day I would end up writing some myself. And I did…

The conscious decision to “get writing” was made back in 2014, when I was wondering what to do with time as I didn’t have a job and didn’t really liked sitting all day in front of the television. The first novel (and associated series started as a 1600 word short story that I wrote in November 2014, not too long after the encounter in World of Warcraft that I mentioned before. It was perhaps a month later I started plotting – not that I knew what the word “plotting” meant back then. The first five chapters were written in the two months after that. Those five chapters are not the first five chapters of the book btw, because I split the story up into more parts, and btw the time I was writing full time on it in June 2015, the story had grown to the current number of chapters. And yes it is a full-time job for me.

So when do you write, how much, and what part of the day is most productive for your “muse” to make her appearance?

I am a night owl. I function generally best at night, when outside it is all quiet with no cars, people or other stuff to distract me. I do my initial writing of ideas the moment I am sitting at my desk, then I work on writing content for my novels I am working on. After that it is time for some social media scouting (as I call it), and then evening has arrived, and it’s time to cook dinner and eat it. Yes, I do cook dinner, and it’s my unwind time to get things I wrote processed and new ideas to come up.

How many words do you write on an average day?

As I did all of the writing for The Wolf Riders of Keldarra Book 1: The Stone of Truth between beginning of June 2015 and end of January 2016 (of which about 200 days were actual writing days), so for me the average is 1200-1400 words a day average. I am actually looking to increase this as in fact I am writing two books to release between mid-July and mid-August this year – one of them will be the second in the epic fantasy series The Wolf Riders of Keldarra, and the other is my first venture into science fiction. Not entirely true that, because I am also working on a science fiction series too of which the first book will come out in 2017. I am working on quite a few book ideas, so I’ll have plenty to write for a few years to come…

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