Author Interview with… Myself!

Because I’ve not yet been invited to any Author Interviews in blogs… at least not that I know of, I decided to do an interview with myself as if done by relevant blogging sites who are free to re-blog this post at their heart’s desire…

Tell us about yourself?

As you’ve guessed my name is Nathalie M.L Römer (with an umlaut in it if you need to search for my books). I was born and raised in Amsterdam until I moved to the Caribbean to live on Curaçao, and when I reached adult life I moved to Britain, before moving to Sweden in early 2015. I live there with my partner of many years in a small town called Gusselby.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I only really started to write in 2014 in a serious way, and then full-time in mid-2015, but already I’ve got big plans for myself, such as finishing my epic fantasy series The Wolf Riders of Keldarra this year, of which the first book Book 1: The
WOK1new Stone of Truth
was released this year. I already have a heavy schedule of plots to sort out, which is now made easier after watching a video by Joanna Penn about Scrivener. (Thanks Joanna..)

Before I embarked on writing for a career I was a serial post writer on the World of Warcraft official forums, where often my posts would 400-500 words long, so I am quite used to writing… a lot!

So in a short paragraph I’d say: expect plenty from me.

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