Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel – Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

I take a deep breath.  Don’t freak out Kent—you’ve done this a million times before.  All you’ve gotta do is follow the script.  I make sure my bowtie is aligned and that it looks smooth, the…

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Book Review: The Devil’s Lieutenant

Michael met his wife, started a family, he never wanted for anything, he was happy, they were happy. Or so he had thought. But the scene he returns home to paints a different picture, and he is left to question why, agonising that the souls of his wife and child are burning in hell. Lost […]

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Secret Need Pre-Release Contest — Satin Russell

As many of you know, Secret Need’s official release date is August 22nd. However, I went to the New England Author Expo last Wednesday and wanted to have some books available for the event. I decided to have a limited, pre-release edition printed up. There are only 15 copies of this special run and I’m […]

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“It is 100 years since our children left”. Chilling Medieval Abduction?

Ratcatcher’s Day celebrates that famous exterminator: the Pied Piper of Hamelin. On July 22, 1376, a ratcatcher lured over a hundred children from Hamelin, Germany. They were never to be seen again. One or three children were left

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