A tale of the nasty Writer

I always was taught by other authors that we’re stronger together than alone. When a fellow author is being bullied or worse I stand WITH them. That author is my ally. There is NO need to jealous of other authors. When they have SUCCESS it’s free KARMA for those of us still trying to reach the success.

UPDATE – Since this post went live it seems Mr Meredith has removed his posts and taken down his story, either that or is working through and blocking people from seeing.

Recently in Book-land we have had a fair bit of drama on Facebook, concerning a certain writer who took a severe dislike to being given honest constructive criticism by a published author.

I didn’t bring it to my blog for two reasons .

1 – It was incredibly ridiculous behaviour

2 – He didn’t warrant the exposure

Only now, he has wandered into the very grey area of Libel and Character defamation and is trying to destroy a good friends name. An author who is well known and loved in the community. He is harassing readers and making all sorts of accusations.

Let me back track.

A few days ago a fellow author had written a post about authors…

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