The Stone of Truth… What it is about?

So you’ve decided to come check out the pages which give you more information about the story The Stone of Truth, part of the epic high fantasy series The Wolf Riders of Keldarra. Please note that these pages DO contain spoilers about the book, so you’re warned in advance about reading them.


What is it about?

The basic premise of the story is deceptively simple. Nineteen-year-old girl, who is approaching her adulthood, who is a student in this rather mysterious Order of Truth, without a care in the world, except that peace in her world is periodically shattered by attacks by the Wolf Riders.

So far so good, right?

Not quite as simple as that…

The Order of Truth, that Marrida belongs, to is shrouded in mysteries, secrets, lies, and they had an indirect hand in causing the Wolf Riders to come into being. Although it was an uprising by two friends that started that faction, it is the denial from within that allowed it to happen.

In the book there is a passage where I describe a typical evening where various people are star gazing. In that chapter you can read about the consequence of the upriseing.

Later generations within the Order of Truth decided to deny that ability the right to exist, and thus have denied the existence of the prophecy that spells the end of the Wolf Riders… all except fot the Wolf Riders themselves, who recite the words of the last member from the Order of Truth to reside over the city that they now occupy, as some sort of perverted story.

And as some say, when you have read the book, the words are not complete…

The story you read in this book is just the beginning of what may happen to the Wolf Riders… It is a story about them, and it is a story about all those around them too. It is a story of discoveries that slowly get uncovered not just by Marrida and Alagur, but many others too… and some have secrets to hide that they would never want revealed to the world…

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