Author Interview with… Myself!

How much research do you do for your books?

Actually quite a lot. I’ve done research on wolves, making the wolves used in my book about 90% based on reality (I’ll let readers find the bits not based on reality for themselves. The main non-humanoid protagonist is a wolf called Yalla (first letter is said in the same way as the first letter of the word “yawn”). She is a riding wolf whose characteristics and behaviour were modeled on an Alsatian called Charlie I had as a pet for a decade of my life. I think many dog owners will recognize their own dogs in her.

In addition I’ve researched warfare technology and methods, in part with the help of my partner. The information in my book is a fictionalized interpretation of my findings. I’ve also looked at how certain historical known military tacticians were, and used some of their characteristics for the way I developed the Wolf Riders as a group.

 Where do your ideas come from?

The idea for the first series I came up with, that is, The Wolf Riders of Keldarra, came directly from an MMO I play. Those who don’t know what an MMO is, it stands for Massively Multiplayer Online, and the one play reasonably frequent (when I got spare time that is!) is called World of Warcraft. In it you have two factions, Alliance and Horde, who are fighting for dominance in the world of Azeroth. One day I decided to play a Horde character I have, and after logging in the solution of how the main antagonists would show themselves literally came riding at me in the form of the “Kor’kron guards on their wolves”, essentially causing me to jump aside with my character, and doing some unflattering cursing. BUT that moment the light bulb moment happened and the Wolf Riders that exist in Keldarra came to existence.

This series is not the only thing I am working on. I’ve plotted most of what goes on in Keldarra already, and created the Expansive Fictional Universe for that world already. The Science Fiction & Fiction Writers of America provides a highly useful listing that I would recommend to anyone starting to work on a series:

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