Upcoming features at this blog!

Coming on 3 May 2016

I am launching the new pages featuring the following information in them on 3 May 2016:

  • Author Interview with… Myself!1
    • Get an insight in what I do as an author, and how I go about writing work, and what I use as reference material.
      • NOTE: I am going to start doing invitations to other authors to have an Author interview in this blog. I will be asking the first few authors if they are interested to participate over the next week or so. The questions I used in my own interview are those which I plan to use for authors who say “Yes” to my invitation to participate. The first interview will be posted in the middle of May.
    • There’s even a bonus page with even more questions posted!
  • Get an insight into the world in which Marrida and Alagur live, and the way I did the world building for it.
  • Find out more about what the “Stone of Truth” really is on yet another page.
  • I came up with an interesting but probably non-existing word to describe this posting of more information about Keldarra – pottermoresque – I guess J.K. Rowling will like it that someone based their own world building efforts on something she did with Pottermore. The pages which follow up from my Author Interview page and the page which will give you an insight to Marrida’s world will just grow, both here with extra blog posts, as well as pages on my website with links to extra materials such as a few novellas I have planned as companion stories to go with The Wolf Riders of Keldarra. The first of these novellas will be released in the Autumn.

Are you a Blogger?

It means you might be interested in reading the following blog post. All you need to do is COMMENT below the post that’s linked below (on that page NOT this one) with your Blog Site information, and send me by email your name, blog link and tell me in 100 words why you should be the one to do a review of my book. You can email me this information at nmlromer@gmail.com and mark your email with the subject line: “Book Blogger” and I’ll review your site. See the

Invitation to the Book Review Bloggers!

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