Why I’m going on a hiatus as a publisher: The quality of my books actually MATTERS to ME. I’m going to work on IMPROVING THEM in a book way…all of them!!!


Due to reasons that I cannot discuss in public I’m suspending my publishing of books for the foreseeable future. I cannot go into the details of the circumstances, but I will confirm that it involves getting my existing books rewritten so I can issue them later as a second edition.

The circumstances WHY I’m doing this, was brought to my attention by a dear friend who should remain nameless for her privacy, but who has offered in the KINDEST way ever to make the content of the books better overall, so that those who read the stories in my books get BETTER books to read.

I will also continue writing on additional stories I’ve started writing or had planned previous, and I’ll make arrangement to restart publication of my books at the start of 2019. This is when I expect the majority of the work the friend and I are going to do to be completed.

In the meantime, my books will ALL become unpublished (but NOT out of print) until such time when this goal is reached, and republishing will occur for each book as it reaches the end goal planned.

If you’re reading this and you own one of my books, and you feel you can give feedback about the book you own, whether good or bad, and you want to do this to HELP in improving the books, then DO send me your feedback at web@nathaliemlromer.com and I’ll use this as a means to make the books better.

I guess by the time I’m back in action, so to speak, it will be with stories that SHOW the story even better than I’ve done so far. I’m going to do everything I can to make my stories as best as they should be. I owe that to my readers, both current and future ones.

I’m both grateful and blessed for the readers I have had to date. It means so much that you enjoy my books for what they are to date. Now I’m going to make sure I can give you better books.

So I guess I’m going to be away for a while but NOT forever. I’ll be back, both with better books already written, and better books of each and every book I had planned. See you on the flipside.

Blessed be and love,

Nathalie M.L. Römer
Multi-genre Author


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The Wolf Riders of Keldarra: Book 1: The Stone of Truth — Professionally edited and back in action!

Yes… this book. It had a rather bad start, got some bad reviews (only two eye-opening ones). But it’s proof that GOOD professional editing can do wonders. The editor who worked on this is Alison Jack, and she did an amazing job making the story really come to life with good grammar, better flow of story, etc.

It’s quite possible I won’t win a book award with this, or get in the NY Bestseller list, but I made an effort to IMPROVE the book for my readers…

Onward to the other books to do the SAME with…

Happy reading, Wolf Pack!!!

New book covers for The Wolf Riders of Keldarra

I made the decision to change the book covers for the epic fantasy series The Wolf Riders of Keldarra to something closer to what the theme of the book is about: WOLVES.

These covers feature a photo I actually found accidentally in an old archive of photos of perhaps a decade or more ago, which were random photos, but includes three photos of animals I photographed at a zoo I visited once. One photo was that of a wolf looking directly at me, and immediately I decided to use it as the new photo for a backdrop for the book cover.

I’ve sorted out the book covers for every book in the series except for the “blurb” that goes on them, and when I saw how nice the book cover looked, I decided to make sure ALL my different editions featured this cover. I did my books I print under my own imprint Emerentsia Publications (www.emerentsiabooks.com) first, following it hot on the heels by changing the Kindle edition of each book, and because I AM an independent author I was able to re-issue the covers for the books that are published at CreateSpace, and they should be live in a few days or so throughout the Amazon network.

Please feel free to share this post on your own blog site so everyone knows about these changes.

Release Updates for upcoming books!

I decided to post a formal announcement about the latest developments from my Writing Desk.

New email mailing list

I am currently in the process of setting up a proper mailing list at Mailchimp which should become active during May 2016. See Twitter and Facebook pages for announcements of scheduled dates for launch and when the newsletter “From my Writing Desk” will be sent out each month. The mailing list will be OPT-IN, and will only be sent out once a month with latest news of info about my writing.

Scheduled releases this summer!

Currently I got TWO new books scheduled for release.

My first science fiction book “SUBJECT 37” which already can be pre-ordered:

PRE-ORDER dark dystopian apocalyptic novel Subject 37!



In a society of five hundred years in the future, Earth has essentially been split into two zones. The zone that is occupied by the humans of that time, called Utopus, is a clean environment, with good housing, good health care, plenty of food available. No one knows how Utopus is being able to be kept in this state.

After the Third World War of three hundred and seventy years earlier, it became the region on Earth that all the survivors went to live in. Earth’s population of the year 2522 is not as it was at the turn of the twenty-second century. The population is only one percent of the original population of just over eight billion.

Every ten years a single scientist gets sent to the polluted zone which makes up the other half of Earth’s surface. As none of the previous scientists ever returned no one in Utopus knows what actually is going on in that region simply referred to as the Zone Zero.

The story follows a man, selected as this year’s Subject, to go into Zone Zero, and to determine its current condition. He’s simply known to the survivors in this world as Subject 37. However, his name is Steven Burgard. His journey through Zone Zero is one that no one prepared him for.

Steven Burgard was my name until yesterday…!


Currently no Kindle format available yet for this book but that will be added on or shortly after the Paperback release.

Check my twitter feed for updates. 1

Back to back with the release of this novel, I am also releasing the BOOK TWO in the epic fantasy series The Wolf Riders of Keldarra. Full title to be confirmed at this date. This book will be released about one week after Subject 37.

Synopsis to be announced, however I can tell you that Marrida and Alagur will be delving deeper into the darker secrets that binds both their factions to a single event that happened nine hundred years earlier.

What is happening at my Writing Desk?

I am already plotting for the next two books coming out later this year, looking over my own schedule of upcoming releases, it seems to me I am going to transition slowly from the original fantasy writer I am today into being a multi-genre author.

For starters I believe in diversity. It’s been something I was good at with my own reading choices, reading anything from classic science fiction by Isaac Asimov to the historic novels I knew about when I was perhaps 12-15 years old, to reading pretty much every one my Papa’s Maigret paperbacks. I seems to now want to put into practice while writing, what I did while reading — diversify my writing style and genres.

You’ve heard that old adage. Read about what you know. When I reflect back over my life, it’s amazing how much I’ve experienced. Seems some of it will seep into my writing as I write more and more of my fiction. As I said recently to a fellow writer… “I’ve got a lot of books planned…”

So in no particular order, beside the fantasy and science fiction I already mentioned as “being written”, here’s the other genres I got book ideas being plotted for – crime fiction, mystery, alternate history, and urban fantasy. And for urban fantasy I’ve got a very nice book planned in the Young Adult fiction range, and this book is planned for early 2017. In addition, I got some short stories I want to write, and because I own worldwide rights to Keldarra as an indie author, I can also write some interesting novellas set in that world which will give a more indepth insight to a number of the recurring characters from The Wolf Riders of Keldarra epic fantasy series.

Also upcoming, and look out for it in about 10 days time here on my blog, will be the indepth “Interview with Myself” with supporting blog articles, which I’ve been writing over the last month or so with interesting questions found on various random blog sites that list “Author Interviews” as a feature on their site. If YOU run a blog with such a section, be on the lookout for this feature on my book, because you can repost it as a blog entry on your own website.

Guess it’s back to writing for me. At the time of writing this at almost 10am I’ve made huge progress with my writing and editing so far, but the day is far from over for me.

Remember to go do this too!!!

My first science fiction book “SUBJECT 37” which already can be pre-ordered:

PRE-ORDER dark dystopian apocalyptic novel Subject 37!

Thank you for reading.

Nathalie M.L. Römer