200 Best Instagram Hashtags for Writers — Bryn Donovan

Hey there! Even though this list is called “best Instagram hashtags for writers,” the ones that are best for you will depend on who you are and what you write. The list will probably make you think of other writing hashtags, too. I wanted to write this post because I’m always interested in the benefits […]

200 Best Instagram Hashtags for Writers — Bryn Donovan

Writer’s Retreat: Marketing a Book

Writing Roots

What happens after you write your book? A whole lot, if you want to get your book into the hands of readers outside your personal circle.

It’s more than a good story, it’s how you go about marketing the book. If you go the traditionally published route, the process is much easier. Those companies handle the marketing for you.

But if you want the freedom and control of self-publishing, it’ll take some work. Ley Esses talks about what can really help make your book sell, and how you can get your name and book out there.

Check out the slide presentation below to follow along with the audio, recorded at the 2019 AspenHouse Writer’s Retreat.

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Toolkit: How to Make a Proper Introduction for a Collaboration

Own Your Content

This toolkit is a growing library of wisdom that highlights the hurdles of owning your content and building your platform. We not only curate the wisdom from creative leaders and artists, but also from the community—a balance of both, like cheese and wine—so that you’re supported and empowered to build your home on the internet.

In the last decade, many different platforms and methods for connection have influenced the way we communicate. And yet, email is still the most effective, prevalent tool that opens possibilities and sparks relationships. Nowadays, a thoughtful email is an art. When done well, it is a delight to read and creates an impression about the sender.

Thoughtfulness takes time and effort. People have become attuned to feeling emails that lack warmth, personality, or clarity. Like a stranger that bumps into you without saying ‘excuse me,’ weak emails are the cold shoulder of the internet.


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