The Stone of Truth… What it is about?

Give us an insight into your main characters?

The two protagonists of the story are Marrida Kayrsan (whose full name only reveals itself later in the book), and Alagur.

Marrida lives in the city Ruh’nar. She lives there with her brother Esbara, fifteen years old, and sister Kalisa, eleven years old. They have an uncle called Joharan. Marrida is an Acolyte at the Temple of Truth which is resided over by Elder Sharriba. After a recent attack by the wolf riders, she meets Alagur, who got wounded during the attack. She takes him in to heal him back to health, but things get complicated when she uses her Stone of Truth, and discovers more about who he is and where he comes from. This then leads to the discovery of a well-hidden prophecy, spoken almost 900 years ago by the last elder to live over the Temple of a city now only known as City of Wolves – the base of operations for the Wolf Riders.

Follow the following links to read more about the characters.

Marrida and Alagur

Joharan and Sharriba

Esbara, Kalisa and Damir

Emelyse and Bergas

Eshara and Markalo

Samur and Darush

Belduran, Vaymaz, and Rudrig

Jarryca and Hadukin

Melchor, Kaizor and Ebagar

Jymar, Jervis and Delgrun

There are certain terms used in the book? Can you list a few, and explain what they mean?

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