“I was busy… oh so busy…”

“With what?” you ask incredulously.

“With my book writing,” I counter your question.

You lift your arms in the air in the same way Joy from Inside Out might do.

“When is the book out?” you ask me, grinning broadly.

“Soon… soon,” I reply.

You pout your lips because you want to read the book now.

“I need to wait for it to be checked over…” I say.

“Who’s doing that?” you ask.

“The people at CreateSpace where I am publishing the book.”

“Ohh,” you say, suddenly realising that it’s just a matter of waiting for them to finish their work.

“Will the book be good?” you ask.

“Of course,” I reply, “I wrote it after all…”

“What is it about?” you ask.

“I can’t give you much information yet, but if you come closer, I will whisper it in your ear” I say.

You listen with growing excitement to the story. Your eyes shine with happiness because you realise this was just the book you were after as a good bedtime story.

“You’ll keep that a secret until the book is released, will you?” I ask.

“My lips are sealed,” you say, “But won’t the other readers get jealous not knowing what I know?”

“Noo….They’ll buy the book on the release day, and then YOU get to share the fun of reading with them all,” I reply.

“I think I WILL buy the book, and I will tell all my friends, family and people at work to do the same,” you say.

I blush…

“Well, thank you… I love it when someone is my fan…”

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