In A Place I Don’t Belong — From The Busy Mind of Josephine

Where I’m not free To be myself. Where I’m silenced Or put up on a shelf. When he isn’t talking Making me feel unimportant. Or I feel like maybe I’m the prize of the hunt. Where a simple text Is too much to ask. He isn’t feeling like losing me Is taking him to task. […]

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Scott Woods Makes Lists — Discover

Scott Woods is a librarian, author, poet, and critic who runs one of the most successful poetry open mics in the American Midwest. At Scott Woods Makes Lists, he compiles lists, writes mostly as a satirist, and comments on current events, popular culture, and other issues.

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Dry-Humping Parnassus — Discover

Robin Lucas publishes poems, stories, and satire. He began writing at 22, mostly by accident: as he states in his bio, he had a typewriter, plenty of time due to unemployment, and a sudden urge to express his festering self-indulgence. He’s based in Southern California.

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Spring Birds — Writer’s Treasure Chest

Waking up to the blackbird’s song a lovely sound it’s all along. the lark it twitters right at dawn by the edge of wood you see a fawn. ** The breeze, it touches twig and bloom the bees, they hum and search their room to collect the nectar for their brood spring is here […]

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