Amazon’s Hall of Spinning Knives

David Gaughran

Phoenix Sullivan is well-known in the indie community – I’ve known her myself since 2009 or 2010 and consider her a close friend.

Aside from being exceptionally generous with her time and knowledge, tirelessly sharing her insights on marketing and algorithms, Phoenix is also well known as a vocal campaigner against scammers and cheaters – particularly on the current big issues of book stuffing and clickfarming.

And now she is being targeted.

Phoenix made a box set free for a few days at the very start of October, advertising on Freebooksy, KND/BookGorilla, and Digital Book Today – all legitimate sites – and there was no other promotion involved with this title. No BookBub CPM ads, no Facebook campaign, no tweets, no newsletter swaps, no mailing lists.

On the third day of her free run, Phoenix’s box set was rank-stripped by Amazon, a punishment normally reserved for those who have used…

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The obscure word of the week is zyzzyva — Matthew Wright

Zyzzyva has to be one of the most obscure English words ever. It’s the name of a kind of South American weevil (Curculionidae) discovered by Thomas Casey in 1922. However, according to the OED its etymology (not ‘entomology’, geddit, geddit?) is that it was actually coined as a way of being the last word in […]

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An Interview With Obliterati Press — Author Don Massenzio

Originally posted on Linda’s Book Bag: One of the things I try to do on Linda’s Book Bag is support independent authors and publishers as well as feature the bigger publishing houses. Consequently, I’m thrilled to be showcasing Obliterati Press, a brand new independent publisher, today. Run by Wayne and Nathan, I got them…

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“It is 100 years since our children left”. Chilling Medieval Abduction?

Ratcatcher’s Day celebrates that famous exterminator: the Pied Piper of Hamelin. On July 22, 1376, a ratcatcher lured over a hundred children from Hamelin, Germany. They were never to be seen again. One or three children were left

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