I managed to finish Subject 37 (The Utopus Series) at exactly 6 AM on 3 August 2016, which left me just an hour spare to meet Amazon’s deadline for submitting the book for the Kindle e-Book edition.


I bet you have certain questions about this book. I’ll give a short overview about the book WITHOUT spoilers.

Just to start, I’ll tell you what made me create this book. In early February 2016 I started looking at the idea of creating some sort of futuristic science fiction thriller. I am not certain if what I created can be consider the “traditional thriller” but I have researched the topic, and I feel that some of the story progression lends itself to be of this type.

I’ve always liked the dystopian genre of science fiction.It’s a part of science fiction where the human mind gets to solve the mess that the human race creates for itself. That’s essentially at the core of this book.

In my book society as we know it gets destroyed in a disaster, which occurs around 2072, and it’s NOT an instant thing, but instead I make the suggestion in the book, that the cause is gradual, but still too fast for something to be done about it.

The approach in the book, is based on the the typical “witness report” as heard by journalists. Next time you watch the news about some disaster or an event of death and destruction, just watch the part where a person affected, is speaking about it.

You will notice fast that their story is reported as they speak, with the “I saw this…” and “then this happened next…”. I took the same approach in this book, and the account of the story progression uses Steven Burgard (the protagonist) as the witness.

The story begins in 2512, and it starts off with a prologue that gives a part first person, part third person view of the events leading up to the moment where the narration in the book starts, then you take a front seat row with getting an extensively detailed account of Steven’s journey. The real reason for why the narration/narrative of the book is in this style only becomes evident at the end of the book… But I said “no spoilers” so you’ll have to read the whole book to find out what’s REALLY going on.

In the book I’ve included a short story set a few years after the core story of this book, and there’s also a preview of the second book. Originally I was going to give preview to those who got the e-Book, but I’ve decided to include it in the paperback as well.

The series will be a long-running series, with at least 6 or 7 books planned SO FAR, and at the end of each book I’ll have a new short story. Later when I’ve done at least five of the novels, I’ll start putting the short stories into a book together, and I am also planning to release the short stories as separate e-Books (about 6 weeks after the release of each book).

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Next few scheduled books due out:
The Wolf Riders of Keldarra: Book 2: Second Elder of Ruh’nar, due out on 3 September 2016
The Mystery of Priory Mansion, due out on 31 October 2016

I have a few other books planned too, but I can’t give information until after 1 September 2016 about those books yet, but follow me on Facebook to get information about them.

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