Never done it in my life, but that was the same when I started writing my first ever novel, which seems to be close to completion as I write this. I guess that I need make blogging a part of my weekly schedule and because I am still learning what it is to be an author, I decided to read up… and the general suggestion is to do it two or three times a week. So I decided to make Sundays and Wednesdays my blogging days. Well, it is Sunday right now, and a perfect excuse to do something else while my mind comes up with a perfect ending for my book…

I am very excited because the book is so close to completion. I am hoping already that people will enjoy it a lot, and fingers crossed that it gets a warm welcome.

So instead of writing I am doing the other things needed to launch myself into deep end of publishing… setting up blog… check… finish website… almost check… finalize book… ermm, okay that needs work on later.

Most of the metadata, that’s the bits of data that lets the world know details about your book – such as book size, number of pages, the plot blurb, and other stuff – are for the most part ready at Create Space where I am self-publishing my books initially. I guess I wasn’t brave enough, yet, to try find an agent to get my book at a traditional publishing house, and published the old-fashioned way. But hey, if I keep on writing (and believe me I will), I am sure that will come too soon enough.

I think I jumped the gun a bit with setting up my Twitter @nmlromer and Facebook but I think it will lend presence in the long term and will let potential readers – FANS perhaps! – find me easier. If you’re on either (or both) social media site, connect with me for updates and news. They’re kind of linked so any posts I make on Facebook also trickle down to Twitter, and vice versa. You’ll find me more active on Facebook though.

I guess my extensive post writing I have done on the World of Warcraft forums for several years is proving to be of help. It’s a game I love playing (I play on the Shadowsong realm mostly), and whenever I post there I am prone to posting long posts… seems it’s happening here too. If I keep this up two times a week for a few years, readers will have so much to read by me that they won’t keep up with it… and that’s in addition to the many books I have planned…

Anyway, signing off here to go do other important stuff… such as working on completing my book for example. See you again for the next blog post on Wednesday…


Nathalie xx

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