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Two months ago, I published my first novel…a really great story (in my humble opinion) that took years to come together. So, now what? I wrote, worked with beta readers, cut, added, rewrote, edited, edited and edited. I engaged a cover designer, an editor, a proofreader. I had a launch. I’ve tweeted, set up […]

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Invitation to the book review bloggers

Yes I know you’re out there, and I am here. So I was thinking… How about you comment below this post with your blog site, and the first TWENTY-FIVE to do so will be sent a Kindle version of my book (too costly send out a 638 page paperback really).

So how do I participate as a Blogger?

You need to be interested in reviewing an epic fantasy novel. My novel is the first in a series with Part 2 being released on 12 August 2016 (together with my first science fiction novel Subject 37).

You need to have an active blog site. My blog is connected to Twitter, and every post I do, goes there. WHEN you get offered the chance to review my book, your post WILL be re-blogged on my own blog site using the Press This feature. It means that all my Facebook, Twitter and WordPress followers will be able to visit your site to read your review. Currently I get over 8,000 impressions a day with my Twitter feed (1).

If you get selected for a review you promise to give an honest(*) review which includes a small review on site too. You can find web links directly to my review pages for both and on my website and anyone else interested, is welcome to post a review there too. I have a page listed as Novel Extracts on my website, and if you follow the link that you can find on my homepage, it allows you to read a Preview of the book.

(*) So what does an honest review mean? It means you rate my book as you see it. If it is worth just one star according to you, then so be it. It means simply that each next book I create needs to improve above and beyond those already created.

I will decided on who does these reviews by 10 May 2016 if there are a lot of potential participants. Watch out for UPCOMING FREE BOOK PROMOTIONS on Amazon, so during this period you can download the book for doing a review, however only twenty-five bloggers will have their reviews back-linked to my blog. I will also list a link your blog entry on my website.

(1) Information correct as of 29 April 2016.

Beta Readers!

If you are someone interested in becoming a dedicated beta reader for me, or as I call it “the scene cleaners”, then I would like to hear from you as well. What makes you a good beta reader for me? You can email me at if interested, marking your subject line with “SCENE CLEANER APPLICANT”. I am currently accepting up to FIVE individuals.

A few things to remember when you apply for this:

  1. You will be reading crucial scenes for readability. You are helping me to make the finished product the best it can be.
  2. You get a set of chapters to read, and you will fill in a questionnaire that I send with it. Remember that the comments in this questionnaire are sent with the manuscript to my editor, so you need to be concise, precise, and objective in your observations.
  3. You will need to meet deadlines. I write to a schedule, and a very tight one indeed. It means I cannot have any scene cleaners who are slow to deliver back. A turn around of between 1 and 2 months is expected.

Feel you would be suitable? I am opening my doors for beta readers, and will officially commence with this from 1 AUGUST 2016 onwards. The deadline to respond is by 30 JULY 2016. It is not something I will be paying for, but I will send each beta reader I selected a printed copy of the novel they were scene cleaning, complete with a thank you note and my autograph to make it extra special

Whilst I would like to say I would take anyone, I would prefer individuals who can provide me with the names of three authors you are currently a beta reader for, or have been for within the last two months (so March/April 2016 or more recent). This is to ensure I get credible people that I can trust and will not abuse the confidentiality of the material provided to them.

Release Updates for upcoming books!

I decided to post a formal announcement about the latest developments from my Writing Desk.

New email mailing list

I am currently in the process of setting up a proper mailing list at Mailchimp which should become active during May 2016. See Twitter and Facebook pages for announcements of scheduled dates for launch and when the newsletter “From my Writing Desk” will be sent out each month. The mailing list will be OPT-IN, and will only be sent out once a month with latest news of info about my writing.

Scheduled releases this summer!

Currently I got TWO new books scheduled for release.

My first science fiction book “SUBJECT 37” which already can be pre-ordered:

PRE-ORDER dark dystopian apocalyptic novel Subject 37!



In a society of five hundred years in the future, Earth has essentially been split into two zones. The zone that is occupied by the humans of that time, called Utopus, is a clean environment, with good housing, good health care, plenty of food available. No one knows how Utopus is being able to be kept in this state.

After the Third World War of three hundred and seventy years earlier, it became the region on Earth that all the survivors went to live in. Earth’s population of the year 2522 is not as it was at the turn of the twenty-second century. The population is only one percent of the original population of just over eight billion.

Every ten years a single scientist gets sent to the polluted zone which makes up the other half of Earth’s surface. As none of the previous scientists ever returned no one in Utopus knows what actually is going on in that region simply referred to as the Zone Zero.

The story follows a man, selected as this year’s Subject, to go into Zone Zero, and to determine its current condition. He’s simply known to the survivors in this world as Subject 37. However, his name is Steven Burgard. His journey through Zone Zero is one that no one prepared him for.

Steven Burgard was my name until yesterday…!


Currently no Kindle format available yet for this book but that will be added on or shortly after the Paperback release.

Check my twitter feed for updates. 1

Back to back with the release of this novel, I am also releasing the BOOK TWO in the epic fantasy series The Wolf Riders of Keldarra. Full title to be confirmed at this date. This book will be released about one week after Subject 37.

Synopsis to be announced, however I can tell you that Marrida and Alagur will be delving deeper into the darker secrets that binds both their factions to a single event that happened nine hundred years earlier.

What is happening at my Writing Desk?

I am already plotting for the next two books coming out later this year, looking over my own schedule of upcoming releases, it seems to me I am going to transition slowly from the original fantasy writer I am today into being a multi-genre author.

For starters I believe in diversity. It’s been something I was good at with my own reading choices, reading anything from classic science fiction by Isaac Asimov to the historic novels I knew about when I was perhaps 12-15 years old, to reading pretty much every one my Papa’s Maigret paperbacks. I seems to now want to put into practice while writing, what I did while reading — diversify my writing style and genres.

You’ve heard that old adage. Read about what you know. When I reflect back over my life, it’s amazing how much I’ve experienced. Seems some of it will seep into my writing as I write more and more of my fiction. As I said recently to a fellow writer… “I’ve got a lot of books planned…”

So in no particular order, beside the fantasy and science fiction I already mentioned as “being written”, here’s the other genres I got book ideas being plotted for – crime fiction, mystery, alternate history, and urban fantasy. And for urban fantasy I’ve got a very nice book planned in the Young Adult fiction range, and this book is planned for early 2017. In addition, I got some short stories I want to write, and because I own worldwide rights to Keldarra as an indie author, I can also write some interesting novellas set in that world which will give a more indepth insight to a number of the recurring characters from The Wolf Riders of Keldarra epic fantasy series.

Also upcoming, and look out for it in about 10 days time here on my blog, will be the indepth “Interview with Myself” with supporting blog articles, which I’ve been writing over the last month or so with interesting questions found on various random blog sites that list “Author Interviews” as a feature on their site. If YOU run a blog with such a section, be on the lookout for this feature on my book, because you can repost it as a blog entry on your own website.

Guess it’s back to writing for me. At the time of writing this at almost 10am I’ve made huge progress with my writing and editing so far, but the day is far from over for me.

Remember to go do this too!!!

My first science fiction book “SUBJECT 37” which already can be pre-ordered:

PRE-ORDER dark dystopian apocalyptic novel Subject 37!

Thank you for reading.

Nathalie M.L. Römer