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Are you another author, either self-published or traditionally published?

If so, perhaps we can talk to one another about a proposition I got for you.

In exchange for lending a page on my website, for you to write what makes you passionate about your work.

I simply ask for a link back to the article here on my blog, together with my website, and a mention of my Twitter handle @nmlromer.

I will tweet your article in my Twitter feed with a mention of your name and web address as “Written by <insert name> of <insert website address> (the web address will be displayed as a short link.

The subject matter you can submit to this site is of a varying nature. Just look at the menu on this site what type of topics I currently feature. If, however, you have a good idea for a subject, I am always willing to hear you out about it.

The current desired topics are: self-publishing advice, book reviews for fantasy, science fiction, young adult, crime thrillers and urban fantasy (current list, but the list will expand in the future), latest publishing news, and author interviews (using the provided Google Form accessible here for it).

For all other articles

If you wish to participate as a guest writer, please read on to see the guidelines for inclusion.

For Author Interviews

I am planning to schedule Author Interviews, and on 3 May 2016, you will see the interview I created for myself. Using the questions listed in this interview, which I have now added to a Google Form, you can submit your answers for the Author Interview to me.

Expected launch date for this part of the website is on 16 May 2016.

I will post two Author Interviews each of these following days, three times a week , on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and you will be placed in a queue for posting. I will use the scheduler within WordPress to set up your interview, and the interview goes live at midday in CET timezone.


Post Length and when to Submit

I accept posts of around 500 words in most cases, but they may be as long as 1,500 words in exceptional cases. The article should be free of errors where possible.

You get a a link to your website and/or blog below the article together with your name and Twitter handle for contacting you (no email addresses will be listed), and you can provide a 100 words bio that is added with the posted article. No payment is made for any articles, but I request a link back to the article on your own blog as a favour.

Please submit article 10 days prior of the date on which you would like to have them appear on this website. I add articles in order I receive them, and I will never prioritize any articles over others.

Commenting will be enabled on any submitted posts.


Guidelines to follow

Please follow the following guidelines.

I expect common sense when you submit an article. You do not need to be an expert in what you write, but you do need to be able to demonstrate a skill that qualifies you to know what you are talking about.

Your post should be there to inform not to promote. As a guest blogger, you are demonstrating your writing ability for higher visibility, and it in itself will drive readers to the writing that matters to you – your books. As I do provide your name, website, bio, and Twitter handle, it means that whomever reads your post, will also know where to find you after reading it. I will post article on my Twitter feed, and it already an average of close to 8,000+ Twitter impressions a day(1) over a typical 28 day period as an average.

Submit to for the current categories of interest only. Please check out the general content in each category before submitting (and of course link them on your own blog if you find anything of interest). If your chosen category doesn’t exist, you can ask for it, but please be aware that existing categories receive priorities.

(1) Source valid as of 29 April 2016.


If interested in participating as a Guest Poster, email the author Nathalie M.L. Römer at with the subject Guest Post Submission if you got content to go on this website when the feature launches. I’ll format all submitted material as scheduled posts as I receive them (I can do this faster if you have proofread the article before submitting it).

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