A tale of the nasty Writer

I always was taught by other authors that we’re stronger together than alone. When a fellow author is being bullied or worse I stand WITH them. That author is my ally. There is NO need to jealous of other authors. When they have SUCCESS it’s free KARMA for those of us still trying to reach the success.

UPDATE – Since this post went live it seems Mr Meredith has removed his posts and taken down his story, either that or is working through and blocking people from seeing.

Recently in Book-land we have had a fair bit of drama on Facebook, concerning a certain writer who took a severe dislike to being given honest constructive criticism by a published author.

I didn’t bring it to my blog for two reasons .

1 – It was incredibly ridiculous behaviour

2 – He didn’t warrant the exposure

Only now, he has wandered into the very grey area of Libel and Character defamation and is trying to destroy a good friends name. An author who is well known and loved in the community. He is harassing readers and making all sorts of accusations.

Let me back track.

A few days ago a fellow author had written a post about authors…

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Book Thieves SUCK

Your Cheeky Wench

I just can’t call them pirates. Pirate, in my mind, conjures up an image of a tall, handsome devil with long hair and a swashbuckling personality sailing the seven seas.

We’re talking about thieves. Individuals or groups of individuals who openly steal copies of books and upload them to websites where anyone who is a member can read it. They like to claim they’re offering a service to the public. They like to claim what they’re doing is no more different than a public library.

You’re NOT a Library. You are a thief.

There are a few succinct differences between libraries and book thieves. Libraries, you see, actually payforbooks. Most libraries have a limited number of members. Yes, some libraries are bigger than others, but that isn’t the point here. The books were first purchased before they were loaned out to anyone.

The pirates will argue that someone originally…

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Wishing Everyone Happy New Year!

I know 2019 is going to be filled with good stuff for me. I’m working on a lot of book ideas, and I’ll at least one book of my re-releases coming soon (so don’t pay attention to anything other than Hidden and Rags To Riches: Cinderella Love Stories on my Amazon page…

At the end of February 2019, the re-branded first book in The Wolf Riders of Keldarra re-releases as TAINTED TRUTH.

I hope you will follow my journey in 2019 and 2020 as I write more books and re-release existing ones…

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my Wolf Pack. You’re the reason I keep writing!

Blessed Be,

Nathalie M.L. Römer

Reader Entitlement: How far is too far? #amwriting #writing #author

A couple of months ago I wrote a post asking authors how they would feel if Hollywood screwed up their books when making it into a movie.

The topic came to mind sometime after the announcement that the last Divergent movie was shelved and would be turned into a TV series instead.

I’ve always been curious as to what author Veronica Roth has thought on the subject. Is she pissed? Is she okay with it? Has she openly said anything about it? So with that curiosity, I decided to comb through the internet looking for any interview with her to find out. Instead, though, I came across something that I’m really not quite sure how I feel about.

While apart of me understands the readers to a certain point, the other part of me can’t believe the audacity that people have. Of course, I shouldn’t be shocked, we do live in an…

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