So for today’s task I am…

… writing lists of words. Endless lists. Unending lists. Lists that don’t to end.
Why did I have to write a 644 page book?

Oh hang on, it was because readers out there would want it… And therefore I think I should also tell more about the world in the book and the progress on my website to create a resource of information on it to allow readers a lot more background information and supportive explanation than I could put in the book (or you’d have a book that would be three times thicker).

I’ve managed to add a few more edits to my website so that when it gets uploaded on 28 March 2016, it will be containing more information plus also the first bits of FAQs about the novel (sorry River Song, but saying “Spoilers” just won’t do).

The included FAQ questions are about the crucial rite of passage ceremonies that exist on Keldarra, with a explanation about its significance to Marrida (simply don’t go to the FAQ page if you don’t want a spoiler before reading the book). If after reading the book you read this, it will explain something that when you first read it seems a bit inconsistent… but the FAQ will explain why.

I also did a FAQ about seasons in the book as that’s something that features heavily in the book. This FAQ will provide a bit of lore or background story not featured (yet!) in the book the reason for it is hinted at in context of other things said about The Old Days.

The final FAQ added tells you a small detail about the languages spoken in Keldarra. Or as they’re referred to in the book – dialects. Most of them are archaic in nature and date back to a time of around 1500 to 2000 years ago when people were started to use common dialects again… after they could do this. (YES, your first hint about what I working on too!!!)

There are six dialects that are common in Marrida’s world, but also a few others that are less known or hidden for one reason or another. She is on a journey after all to discover things about the world she is in and this is one of the things that she encounters as she travels – that there’sa lot more going on than meets the eye, and that the world has so many hidden secrets in it that it starts to make her question her calling…

And here’s a map that I drew to roughly represent that world.

prem-map-keldarra-2Map image copyright © Nathalie M.L. Römer 2016. All rights reserved.

Find out more about the World of Keldarra by visiting my website!

Other things I’ve included in my to do list for the week, was to update my whole website, to revise the future novels I got planned (still ongoing hence the opening line of this blog entry), and to also note down the idea I woke up with today of yet another book. Make sure you put “Buy a bookcase” on your bucket list so you’ll a place to store all the books I am writing…


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